Alison Bradley Projects specializes in introducing Japanese postwar artists and masterworks to private and institutional clients alike and curating and bringing forward both historical and emerging international artists between the US and Asia. With over two decades of experience in the art world we feature artists of note and provide clients with a deep understanding and context for the works we represent. A passion for the artists and their work and its context in art history is our most important asset. It is our pleasure to present and place artwork that is eternally engaging and significant. 


Alison Bradley brings her strong academic background in both Political Economy (London School of Economics, Master's Level) and Photography (New York University and the International Center of  Photography, Master’s Degree ) to her over two decades of experience in the New York art world. Alison is known for curating and advising on  Japanese postwar art and for  her long engagement with the medium of photography from historical to contemporary. In recent years she also introduces exhibitions of Western art in Japan.


Utilizing a network of leading curators and collectors internationally and excellent research methodologies and rare access, Alison Bradley Projects  provides a unique service to clients focusing on masterworks and pieces of historical note and is distinguished for a strong ability to create, and augment, Collections, as well as secure individual highly representative works.  Alison is well versed in buying confidentially and at auction.


Over the last fifteen years  Alison has placed significant Japanese postwar and contemporary artworks into many exceptional private collections and public institutions internationally as well as curated unique and groundbreaking exhibitions, some of which featured Japanese artists seen for the first time outside of Japan.


Alison  has also been on the faculty of the International Center of Photography (ICP), and along with her co-teacher, the renowned master printer and artist Chuck Kelton, created a unique course combining museum visits, the history of photography, an introduction to the art market as well as critique and teaching the students how to creating a full body of work and an  exhibiton.


In late 2014 Alison was hired by the CEO of Phillips to pioneer a special section of the Contemporary sale to focus on masterworks of Japanese postwar painting, sculpture and photography; the first ever dedicated section for an Evening Sale in New York to focus on Japanese Postwar Art, resulting in the focus section and publication of the groundbreaking,   Provenance: Japan  November 2015 sale for Phillips. She also conceived a strategy for Phillips for Japan and selected the new Tokyo - based Representative.


In 2015 Alison Bradley Projects created a cooperative gallery in New York with Taka Ishii Gallery, one of Japan’s most prominent contemporary galleries presenting both Japanese and Western in Tokyo. She and Mr Ishii  worked together to create a unique program bringing forward Japanese postwar and contemporary art in New York , including curated exhibitions by Alison.  Alison Bradley Projects became a separate physical entity in New York  in June 2019 .